Crafted with love, our store brings you the latest accessories, bags, clothes, cosmetics and everyday products. You can shop your favorites online at Dosy7® from anywhere and everywhere - from the comfort of your office, home, or while you are travelling etc. - and get them delivered on time, right to your doorstep.

Our seven highlights of the year:

1. All four trademark applications are officially registered.

2. Featured in British Vogue's Hope Ad campaigns from September-November released.

3. PETA Cruelty-free Certified.

4. PETA Business Friends.




The founder Daisy has sewn Dosy7® together with love, affection, and care.  She is first a loving mother to her daughter and wife to her husband. She values diversity-a Filipino American married to her French Mexican husband, a US Marine Veteran. Not only is Daisy the founder of Dosy7®, she is a business data analyst and has a master’s degree in marketing. Daisy contributes her knowledge of fashion, lifestyle, and travel in the form of different products that help men, women, and kids of all ages-not just look good but feel good.  Her mission is to give back based on her Parents’ old saying “It’s better to give, than to receive”.
Diagnosed with endometriosis and fibrosis, and after a few surgeries, she was told she could not have a baby. Everything changed in July 2009 when her daughter was conceived-a blessing.  As the pregnancy went on, she ended up having preeclampsia which is a pregnancy complication and usually begins within 20 weeks of pregnancy. Her daughter was born 2 weeks early and health conditions continued to worsen.  It was suggested to do something that was positive in combining all her experience from TV program, advertising/marketing and as a business data analyst.  


Early last year, Daisy had an inkling to open an online business-something entirely different from what she was currently doing.  After getting much needed rest vacationing in Italy and France for her birthday in May 2019 she started to explore and brainstorm ideas for her new endeavor.  Below are photos from her trip.

Starting out with D and her number 27.  Her husband suggested Dos (2 in Spanish) y 7 combining both her number and daughter-Dosy7® was born.  The colors symbolize the combination of Feb, March, and May-their birth months. The finalized color resembling closer to the amethyst-her daughter's birth stone. The five hearts is a symbol of love and the flower represents the month of May, Daisy's birth month.